Our Services

We provide care to patients age 10 and up. Most care can be categorized into 3 groups-


Acute Illness can strike at any time and we understand the need to be seen quickly when symptoms arise. We do not turn any patient away who needs to be seen for an acute illness and just ask that you call our office immediately at the onset of symptoms or walk-in during appointment hours. We will accommodate you quickly so you begin recovery as soon as possible.

Chronic Disease Management is very important if you suffer from one or more chronic medical problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders or diabetes. Often these conditions affect each other, or left unmanaged can create new problems. We will create a care plan to address all conditions and have patient education classes in our office monthly.

Preventative Care is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it helps develop the doctor-patient relationship, especially should you ever fall ill. During a physical exam we will:

Screen for diseases

Assess risk for future medical problems

Update vaccinations

Most insurance policies cover a physical exam once a year with no cost to the patient, regardless of deductibles and copays. There's no reason not to take advantage of this benefit provided to you!

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